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Do people problems affect your productivity and creativity? Solve employee dilemmas and free up your time…

People are your greatest advantage, yet at times they may seem like your biggest challenge!

By advancing your people, you advance your productivity, your capability and market presence ..... but you may feel you don't have the time or the head space to deal with the people issues, which is where we can help.

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The People Advantage

With over 20 years' experience and a track record of success, we work with public, private and voluntary sector businesses, delivering innovative, workable, cost-effective solutions. We help busy leaders identify any pinch points, create effective managers, develop a talent pool or upskill the workforce.

And working with 'The People Advantage', located in Bradford on Avon, within easy reach of Bath, Bristol, Swindon, the M4 corridor and London, means you will have access to a network of trusted associates with backgrounds in public, private, not for profit sectors, health, local government, utilities, education and HR, providing a range of high quality solutions tailored to your needs.

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1) Team events
July 2021 - A successful Team Day , working with a recently restructured Executive Team.

A challenging, fun exploration of the whole Team Profile - identifying growth potential, different working styles, preferences and how to develop reflective and collaborative leaders ‘who seek multi-layered solutions to challenges'.

Participants said;
  • "The day was well organised and I felt at ease and supported to be open and honest, good foundation to build trust within our Executive Team"’
  • “Taking time out to reflect on ways of working - especially after such a challenging year - was really valuable.”
  • "What a great and insightful day, Thanks Angie"
  • "Opportunity to discuss and explore different profile and preferences of the team in a relaxed and supportive environment".


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    5) Unable to run our popular, residential, regional management programme for middle managers in March 2019, we converted it to a virtual conference. Determined to not be 'just another webinar' we worked hard to make it fun and interactive; refreshed the learning content to reflect the new reality of managing remotely, maintaining personal resilience and supporting teams. We received 5 star positive feedback on our virtual delivery!:

  • "Thank you for pivoting the course to be so productive whilst remaining interactive and engaging, despite all the uncertainty and additional planning required."
  • "The content was incredibly relevant to my role. I'm looking forward to utilising some techniques. The session on managing remotely was valuable as it provided a model on change management which provided a new level of understanding for me."
  • "The course gave me a chance to reflect on my management style. Having my management profile and considering each role and what that can mean, was so valuable. It also pushed me out of my comfort zone which I found challenging, but allowed me to focus in on areas I want to develop."
    (Delegates on virtual middle manager programme 2020).

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    What the People Advantage can do for your business:

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    - Bringing authentic leadership to light
    - Coaching
    - Developing & retaining talent
    - Creating teams that gel
    - Workforce transformation & change
    - Supporting change
    - Enhancing performance
    - Developing effective skills & behaviours
    - Diagnostic tools & feedback
    - Conferences - leading and coordinating

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    No-one wants to be a 'management robot' but ‘themselves with more skill’!

    Your colleagues have fantastic abilities already! contact us for stretching, innovative and fun development in all aspects of leadership for both experienced and aspiring leaders, middle managers, team leaders and managers in matrix structures.

    Format is up to you - it could be bite-size courses, longer programmes split into manageable modules, blended. The ‘flavour’ will be tailored to suit your context and culture, so could be practical, using real work scenarios and/or explore new approaches and possibilities.

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    Coaching and mentoring

    Angie has coached senior leaders, professionals and middle managers, at all levels, in small, large and global businesses across the public and private sectors, and has expertise in supporting women at different career stages. She also coaches clients who are not in a working context.

    By providing a confidential sounding board, reflective space, you will be supported to find your own opportunities and solutions.

    In addition to one to one coaching, Angie has experience of developing a 'coaching culture' in several organisations. Email if you want to develop a coaching strategy, internal coaching capacity, coaching CPD & supervision, an online system of matching mentor/coach with clients, mentoring schemes and training.

    For more information please visit the Coaching section.

    I have worked with Angie for many years in a number of roles. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a number of sectors, is skilled in a range of tools and passionate about helping the people with whom she works to grow and develop. A management development expert, Angie is always professional with a real customer service ethos and a progressive, positive mindset. She is able to effectively advise on and deliver a wide range of developmental interventions, specialising in transformational coaching approaches which have been a long-standing love affair for her!(senior manager)

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    Welcome, News, What we do. talenthex

    Why you might be looking develop and retain talent

    The right people, in the right place, at the right time! Whether you are a large organisation or an SME, you may have developed star employees who then leave, or experienced key skills shortages. Perhaps you want to grow an area of your business, improve diversity, identify talent to fill leadership and business-critical positions or create new career pathways?

    'The People Advantage' Consultants have won an award for talent development, so contact us for these scenarios and more. More information

    (HR Director) From a situation where we were losing effective employees to our competitors, Angie has worked with the HR team to uncover the underlying causes, set up an assessment centre, identify a talent pool and create a future-focussed development plan. I am confident we will now retain our best, and attract new talent.

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    Welcome, News, What we do. teamshex create teams greater than the sum of their parts

    As a trained facilitator and coach, Angie excels at helping teams of all shapes and sizes come together and gel. Using a variety of learning methods and formats, she will plan simple, innovative activities best suited to the dynamic showing up in your team, they might include:

  • team strategy events, team building, away-days, stakeholder engagement.
  • team diagnostic events using Team Management Profile (Team Management Profile)
  • action learning sets (people share, learn and review their practices in a safe learning environment).
  • team coaching
    Facilitation - New Strategy
    "Angie's efforts to set up and deliver our strategic event were exceptional, both in terms of facilitation ability but also her flexibility to respond to my evolving needs on the day. I would recommend this without hesitation.’ (Senior Leader)

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    An award-winning Organisation Development Consultant

    Angie is an award-winning Organisation Development Consultant who can support you with your projects and challenges. For more information, testimonials and awards see consultancy section.

    "The Transformation Programme supported people through significant change, as they designed and put in place new teams and processes, developed new roles, and formed a community of leadership. Leadership development as an integral part of ambitious OD, still unusual in sector, wholly innovative for us” (Vice-Chancellor).

    Welcome, News, What we do. chrysalis support change

    Change, large or small, is a constant in most companies; driven by customers, markets, government policy and technology.

    People are usually at the heart of the change, so it's important to understand the potential issues and get equipped to lead sustainable change, bringing teams with you. More information.

    “Angie had to build effective working relationships with individuals and groups at times of high stress, delicately balancing the urgent demands on their time with her imperative to put learning and development at the heart of the change programme”.
    (HR Director)

    Email for courses not only for leaders but for all staff experiencing change in their working or personal lives. Every context is different, so we deliver solutions tailored to your context.
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    Welcome, News, What we do. performhex

    Transforming behaviours and performance improvement through people

    With a great track record and over 20 years’ experience of:
    Enhancing current levels of performance e.g.

  • designing behavioural frameworks
  • creating performance review training

    And creating future-focused solutions e.g.
  • designing and developing career pathways
  • Engaging colleagues with strategy, vision and change - leading to new ways of working and commitment to the plan.

    See how 'The People Advantage' can support you in your context and with your colleagues.

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  • Welcome, News, What we do. skillshex

    Grounded yet innovative; flexible and creative....

    Extensive experience of designing and delivering a comprehensive range of training and development - from punchy, bite-size sessions to blended courses, Developing talent pools, assessment centres, leadership development programmes and residential events.

    Thank you Angie! I have learnt so much on this course, it will make a HUGE difference to how I manage my team & support them so they are happier & we are productive in the right way.
    (Delegate, manager, public sector)

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    Welcome, News, What we do. morehex

    Diagnostic tools and feedback

    Angie can facilitate various diagnostics and psychometrics tools

    Angie is fully accredited and has a wealth of experience delivering a number of diagnostic/psychometric tools, in coaching, team events and leadership development.

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    Conference leading and coordination

    And if you have a conference to run, The People Advantage team can coordinate all aspects of the event for you - determining themes, sourcing speakers, structuring the programme, presenting, booking venue, logistics, promoting. Having organised small, intimate events as well as national, sector-specific conferences, sales meetings and networking, your event will be in safe hands!
    See this feedback from a recent conference:

    "The best conference in 10 years! I am fully aware of how much time, effort and patience you have expended Angie in assisting us to achieve successful sessions in this challenging assignment! Your professionalism and extensive experience has been critical to the successful outcome, thank you for hanging in there and all you have done to guide us on the right path!" (Senior Leader)

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