Angie Allcock Trainer, Business Coach, Consultant, Facilitator Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Bradford on Avon

Workforce Transformation. award

Workforce transformation, business efficiency, change

Business Efficiency - Case Study

Leading a team on a strategic business efficiency project, I was a finalist for the 2011 Times Higher Education Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development'.


"The Transformation Programme supported people through significant change, as they designed and put in place new teams and processes, developed new roles, and formed a community of leadership. Leadership development as an integral part of ambitious OD, still unusual in sector, wholly innovative for us” (Vice-Chancellor).

Workforce Transformation - Case Study

A senior leader wrote:

"This was no easy task, given it had not been done before and was a pressing problem with tight timescales and ambitious objectives. Angie worked through many challenges with dedication and professionalism and we are very pleased with the outcomes.”


Case Study - Behavioural Change, Career Pathways

I led an organisation-wide project to create a framework for professional staff, creating a common language of key effective behaviours to be embedded in all areas of the 'employee lifecycle' from job design through to recruitment, induction, training and performance review.@03


A senior manager wrote: “The 'Behaviours Framework' has facilitated Reviewers to broach issues that the standard appraisal format did not allow, enabling staff to reflect more on how their behaviour might impact others”.

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