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'The People Advantage' has won an award for TALENT DEVELOPMENT.
If you have experienced star employees leaving, or key skills shortages. Perhaps you want to grow an area of your business, improve diversity, identify talent to fill leadership and business-critical positions or create new career pathways. We can provide Consultancy to help you:

  • develop your overall retention and talent development strategy.
  • select key competencies and identify 'hot spots'.
  • design an assessment centre to create a 'talent pool'.

  • Case Study - Talent Development

    A global, private sector company, experiencing significant turnover and retention problems within a key staff role, was unable to find replacements within its workforce. Working with the business and the HR dept. :

  • key competencies and 'hot spots' were identified.
  • an assessment centre was created leading to a talent pool.
  • development plans were drawn up; training, coaching and support delivered.
  • strategies devised to retain key staff and maintain high performance.
    A senior Manager wrote:
    "This was no easy task, given it had not been done before and was a pressing problem with tight timescales and ambitious objectives. Angie worked through many challenges with dedication and professionalism and we are very pleased with the outcomes.”

  • Training & Coaching - Talent

    Delegate on another Talent Development Programme said:

    "An excellent experience. I learnt much from interesting colleagues and found out how the company really works. Time well spent".

    "Useful, relevant, and enjoyable programme, I feel better equipped for future roles. I will definetly now be 'going for it!"


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