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My approach

I am passionate about lifelong learning, having witnessed development transforming professional and personal lives

Training and Development, Facilitation. Conference Facilitation

I have a track record of designing, delivering and evaluating bespoke and blended interventions, fully aligned with the broader organisational business strategy, for large and small groups and supporting staff through change.

I have a reputation for being approachable, but also challenging in a constructive way, highly skilled at seeing the big, strategic picture and what might be holding you or your business back.

Blended learning - it's not just about courses!

Blended learning - blending face to face/online courses with informal learning solutions such as webinars, business simulations, coaching, mentoring, diagnostics, networks and action learning is more likely to lead to the learning being retained.

Innovative and real - I can provide workshops with actor-facilitators e.g. leadership, communication skills, managing conflict, diversity, negotiation, sales, customer care, challenging conversations. Don't worry it's not the dreaded role play but 'forum theatre'!

Networks - can be a powerful source of personal development. I have successfully launched a number of professional forums e.g. leadership forum and others to support diversity targets.

I specialise in creating learning and development strategies,training needs analysis, systems and policies e.g. mentoring, job shadowing, appraisal.

Training and Development, Facilitation. amazing

Why you might be looking develop talent

The right people, in the right place, at the right time!

Whether you are a large organisation or a SME, you may experience skills shortages from time to time; be growing an area of your business; want to improve diversity or identify and nurture talent to fill leadership and business-critical positions in the short or long-term. I can work with you to:

  • define 'talent', identify 'hot spots', retention strategies.
  • identify the talent pool (informally or through assessment centres)
  • set up personal and talent pool development plans, aligned with your evolving business priorities
  • deliver training, coaching and support for the talent and their managers
  • develop a 'talent pipeline' for new high potential employees.
  • develop strategies to maintain high performance.

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  • Training and Development, Facilitation. boss mug

    ..... to develop leaders/managers

    No-one wants to be a 'management robot' but ‘themselves with more skill’!.

    Your colleagues have fantastic abilities already! I create stretching, innovative and fun development in all aspects of leadership for both experienced and aspiring leaders, middle managers and team leaders. I have also supported people managing in a matrix structure. I help leaders/managers:

  • make sense of their role
  • think strategically
  • recognise and build upon their strengths
  • learn new skills, challenge ways of thinking and working
  • develop coaching skills and
  • have the confidence to tackle that 'challenging conversation.'

    Format is up to you - it could be bite-size courses, longer programmes split into manageable modules, blended. The ‘flavour’ will be tailored to suit your context and culture, so could be practical, using real work scenarios and/or explore new approaches and possibilities.

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  • Training and Development, Facilitation. chrysalis support change

    Change, large or small, is a constant in most companies, driven by customers, markets, government policy and technology.

    People are usually at the heart of the change, so it's important to understand the potential issues and get equipped to:

  • Lead sustainable change, bringing teams with you.
  • Respond positively to change

    I design courses not only for leaders but for all staff experiencing change in their working or personal lives. Every context is different, so I tailor the training to the company or individual's context.

    “Angie had to build effective working relationships with individuals and groups at times of high stress, delicately balancing the urgent demands on their time with her imperative to put learning and development at the heart of the change programme”.
    (HR Director)

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  • Training and Development, Facilitation. seedlings

    ..... to support career development

    According to the CIPD, a third of employees say they're unlikely to fulfil their career aspirations in their current organisation, this could increase staff turnover, affect morale and productivity.

    Employers - with vertical progression routes becoming less typical, you may need to think more creatively about development opportunities. Let me help you:

  • identify career pathways
  • undertake a training needs analysis
  • support managers to lead powerful 'career conversations'.

    and for individuals who want career support, I can help you:
  • identify next steps
  • deal with a challenge e.g. career crossroads or plateau
  • develop key knowledge, skills or perspective.
  • improve your personal impact.
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  • Training and Development, Facilitation. women talk

    ... to encourage diversity and inclusion

    This could give you a competitive edge through your employees.

    I can design development to:

  • show what diversity and inclusive thinking means with colleagues, customers and others
  • raise awareness of the value of collaborating with people of different cultures, races, genders, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences
  • help employees become more aware of unconscious bias and other barriers and adopt positive behaviours and attitudes.

  • Training and Development, Facilitation. canoe

    to promote wellbeing and personal resilience

    Employers can have an influence on an individual's sense of wellbeing in the way they run a workplace.
    Every context is different. Contact me if you would like to discuss this.

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    Training and Development, Facilitation. team strategy event

    Team events or facilitation

    Creating teams greater than the sum of their parts

    As a trained facilitator and coach, I excel at helping teams of all shapes and sizes come together, using a variety of methods and formats. I’ll plan simple or innovative activities best suited to the dynamic showing up in your team, they could include:

  • Team strategy events, team building, away-days, stakeholder engagement.
  • team diagnostic events using Team Management Profile (TMP)
  • action learning sets (people share, learn and review their practices in a safe learning environment).
  • group coaching
    Facilitation - New Strategy
    "Angie's efforts to set up and deliver our strategic event were exceptional, both in terms of facilitation ability but also her flexibility to respond to my evolving needs on the day. I would recommend this as a valuable service to other teams.’ (Senior Leader)

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  • Training and Development, Facilitation. womenconf

    Conference leading and coordination

    And if you have a conference to run, I can coordinate all aspects of the event for you - determining themes, sourcing speakers, structuring the programme, presenting.
    See this feedback from a recent conference I led:

    "The best conference in 10 years! I am fully aware of how much time, effort and patience you have expended in assisting us to achieve successful sessions in this challenging assignment! Your professionalism and extensive experience has been critical to the successful outcome, thank you for hanging in there and all you have done to guide us on the right path!" (Senior Leader)

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