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With a track record of designing, delivering and evaluating bespoke and blended events, fully aligned with the broader organisational business strategy, Angie has consistently delivered exceptional training to large and small groups and supported people through change.

Leadership/Management Development

No-one wants to be a 'management robot' but ‘themselves with more skill’! Your colleagues have fantastic abilities already! Contact us for stretching, innovative and fun development in all aspects of leadership for both experienced and aspiring leaders, middle managers, team leaders and managers in matrix structures.

Format - Bite-size courses, longer programmes split into manageable modules, blended. The ‘flavour’ will be tailored to suit your context and culture.

Grounded and Innovative is a speciality! so it could be practical, using real work scenarios and/or explore new approaches and possibilities e.g. workshops with actor-facilitators.

Virtual events that are live, interactive and fun.

Networks - professional communities, business networks, diversity forums.

Coaching for leaders/managers

Teams - Angie excels at helping teams of all shapes and sizes come together and gel. Please email for information/case studies of past events e.g. team strategy, team building, away-days, team diagnostics or team coaching.
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On this page:

An overview of development options for leaders and managers at different levels and career stages plus some sector-specific courses in place and being developed.

1) Leadership/management development - overview
2) Our popular courses, events and networks
a) By level (Aspiring, Team leaders, Middle managers
b) Sector-specific:
- SWIMM Programme (South West Institutions' Middle Management) (SWIMM virtual and SWIMM residential)
- New for 2021 - Middle Managers in Higher Education
- 'For New Heads of Academic Depts (HE).'
c) Talent development:
d) By theme:
e) Local/regional:
f) To support change

Leadership, Teams, Talent, Change. team strategy event

Our popular courses, events and networks

For leaders/managers/supervisors, at all levels, and in a wide range of contexts, combining models with practical exercises designed to build confidence and knowledge.
All courses below can be delivered:

  • virtually or face to face.
  • in your workplace or luxurious venue.

    Please email for information and pricing on all the courses below:

    By level:
    1) Aspiring (not yet in/very new to role)
    'Step up to management' may include the following modules:
  • Preparing to manage
  • Role, qualities, styles and skills of supervisors/managers
  • Motivating yourself and others
  • Effective communication (includes giving feedback, assertiveness)
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    "An inspiring course, very informative, definitely time well spent. The interactive sessions were really good. It is pitched at just the right level for people who may have limited or no experience of team leading but are hoping to explore and develop skills in that area.

    2) Team leaders (new or with more experience), can be award bearing (ILM)
    Leading teams - building, motivating & developing may include the following modules:
  • Workplace communication including (remote) meetings
  • Meeting customer needs
  • Improving performance in the workplace
  • Understanding conflict in the workplace
    "Thoroughly enjoyed the course, found it very relevant and have taken a lot away with me. I have also already put some ideas into practice."

    3) Middle managers (new/with more experience), can be award bearing (ILM)
    ‘Developing Management Skills’ is an innovative, comprehensive and current programme. The ‘flavour’ is practical, participative and thought-provoking, backed up with increasing understanding of models and tools. Involves a combination of virtual/face to face workshops, tutorials, self-directed study, and projects practising core skills in the individual's workplace. Personalised feedback, through diagnostics, is included. Coaching sessions can be included.

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    I have so much more confidence, having reflected on how I manage and explored how people can be managed. I tried new managerial techniques, often outside of my comfort zone, a very good development experience".

    "Thanks .... a really interesting and rewarding/thought provoking set of workshops with such a varied group of individuals".

  • Sector-specific:

    The following programmes were all commissioned for Universities. We would be delighted to adapt these or create new ones for your sector.

    1) Middle managers in HE (Professional Services and Academics)
    SWIMM Programme (South West Institutions' Middle Management)
    Now in its 14th year.... we must be doing something right! This 2-day residential progamme, is regularly over-subscribed, due to word-of-mouth recommendations. Unlike any other course, SWIMM allows middle managers in universities in SW England and South Wales, to network with peers across the sector and develop key management skills. SWIMM is highly participative with frequent opportunities to reflect on current and best practice. Includes a detailed 24-page individualised profile.
    Two Options:
    A) SWIMM virtual – March/April 2021(specific date to be agreed with participants). 2 days separated by a small interval, group work between sessions. For 20 - 24 participants.

    Course ran very well. You really made the virtual platform work, break out rooms worked great!

    B) SWIMM residential – November 2021 Date is booked. Two-day residential event, in a supportive atmosphere, luxury accommodation, includes all meals. For 30 - 34 participants.Back to top
    "This was very well organised, fun and interactive. The course has been absolutely fantastic. A wonderful opportunity to stop and critically reflect on my management skills. It has been wonderful to meet colleagues and to have the opportunity to share experiences. I will take back to the workplace a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a number of new techniques". (SWIMM Delegate)

    2) New for 2021 - Middle Managers in Higher Education
    We have received a request to work with another part of the country to roll out the above SWIMM programme. If you would like more information or are interested in us delivering this in your area, please contact us

    Leadership, Teams, Talent, Change. acadleader

    3) 'For New Heads of Academic Depts (HE).'
    There is no such thing as an 'off the shelf' programme to suit all universites and all academic leaders. We have experience of tailoring a programme, focusing on the people management and induction to the university aspects of the role, which is still running. We combined workshops, with 1:1 sessions with a coach, a network of peers and diagnostics and self-assessment.

    By the end of the programme, most participants felt they had greater awareness of their leadership style and new techniques for:
    - shaping the vision and structure of their dept.
    - managing performance effectively
    - bringing others with them
    - handling difficult conversations
    - maintaining their resilience and managing time and workloads.

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    “Everything was very high-quality; we were all very engaged. A supportive, mutually cooperative atmosphere. I have more confidence, more information to back up my instincts. I have shared good and bad experiences, tried out people skills with actors (really good!)” (Academic leader)

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    Talent development:

    'The People Advantage' has won an award for talent development.
    If you have experienced star employees leaving, or key skills shortages. Perhaps you want to grow an area of your business, improve diversity, identify talent to fill leadership and business-critical positions or create new career pathways. We can provide:

    Consultancy to help you:

  • develop your overall retention and talent development strategy.
  • select key competencies and identify 'hot spots'.
  • design an assessment centre to create a 'talent pool'.
    "This was no easy task, given it had not been done before and was a pressing problem with tight timescales and ambitious objectives. Angie worked through many challenges with dedication and professionalism and we are very pleased with the outcomes.”

    AND/OR bespoke training, coaching for your 'talent'.
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    "An excellent experience. I learnt much from interesting colleagues and found out how the company really works. Time well spent".

    "Useful, relevant, and enjoyable programme, I feel better equipped for future roles. I will definetly now be 'going for it!"

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    By theme:

    NEW FOR 2021! - 'Keynote Plus' - open to all and including some specifically for managers/leaders on 'hot' current topics, designed to reflect the current situation i.e. working remotely, experiencing wellbeing, workload issues.

    Virtual or face to face (when we are allowed) 8-15 participants (virtual), 12-18 (face to face).

    Innovative new format - learn, reflect, share, practice, consolidate. For more information on 'Keynote Plus' and titles .

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    Leadership, Teams, Talent, Change. Bradford on Avon river


    Coming soon:

  • short, bite-size courses for business leaders/managers in West Wiltshire.
  • a network for business managers/leaders in West Wiltshire.

    If you would like to receive information when this is available, please email us.

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    To support change

    Change, large or small, is a constant in most companies; driven by customers, markets, government policy and technology. Sometimes it is more of a transition to a new way of working. 2020 featured change on many fronts, maybe it felt like being in the 'room 101 of change' to you!

    People are usually at the heart of the change, so it's important to understand the potential issues

    'The People Advantage' can provide Consultancy to help you get equipped to lead sustainable change, bringing teams with you.

    AND/OR bespoke training, coaching. Here are some courses we have designed in the past:

  • 'Leading through change' (the types of change that impact; how people react; strategies; innovation and continuous improvement).
  • 'Being in change' (a course that either managers deliver to their teams or we can deliver for you).
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